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Help Put Up Bat Boxes
Martyn Cooke will be erecting some new bat boxes at West Hanger (just
above Shere) at some time during March 2019 and would like some help with this. He hasn't fixed dates yet, as he would prefer to see who is
interested, and then will arrange a mutually convenient time and date.
Help is required with carrying bat boxes, ladders, tools etc and in
footing the ladder, so no previous experience is necessary, just general
good health. If you would like to get involved please contact Martyn
directly on
(delete NOSPAM
to e-mail)

Bat Rescuers and Carers Needed
We have an urgent need for people willing to help with the rescue and rehabilitation of grounded bats in our area.
If you're interested in getting involved in bat care Ross and Lynn can tell you how to go about it. Or contact the UK Bat Care Network direct.

Detector Training/Surveys/Bat Walks/Box Checks
If you'd like to get involved in some of the group's activities, there's lots going on. Check our Events page for up to date details.

Bat Group Clothing
Members are now able to order sweatshirts, T-shirts etc wth our embroidered logo direct from the manufacturer. Just go to their web site, choose your garment from the extensive on-line catalogue, and ask them to supply it with a woven Surrey Bat Group logo.

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