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Sussex Horseshoe Bats - First Pup of 2022!
Our members will be aware (following the group's donation to the project) that the only greater horseshoe bat roost in the south-east of England was discovered not far from Petworth in 2019, suggesting a possible return of this rare species to Sussex.
In late June, a pup was seen clinging to one of at least 5 plump-looking adults in the roost. Click here for video and latest news.
A national appeal has managed to secure the property for Vincent Wildlife Trust to preserve in perpetuity. Further funds are being sought for renovation of the site to encourage horseshoes to continue their occupation.

Rare Bats in Surrey
We have been looking at the distribution of Britain's rarest bats in the county to identify where ecologists and planners should take account of them. A report has been produced highlighting the status of these species. Click here to download

Bat Rescuers and Carers Needed
We always have a need for people willing to help with the rescue and rehabilitation of grounded bats in our area.
If you're interested in getting involved in bat care Ross and Lynn can tell you how to go about it. Or contact the UK Bat Care Network direct.

Detector Training/Surveys/Bat Walks/Box Checks
If you'd like to get involved in some of the group's activities, there's lots going on. Check our Events page for up to date details.

Bat Group Clothing
Members are now able to order sweatshirts, T-shirts etc wth our embroidered logo direct from the manufacturer.
Call TEC Promotions, Petersfield - 01730 268 884, having chosen your garment from the extensive on-line catalogue, and ask them to supply it with a woven Surrey Bat Group logo.

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