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We are very grateful to the National Trust, who allow us to hold our
winter indoor meetings at Dapdune Wharf, Wharf Road, Guildford GU1 4RR. Wharf Road is off Woodbridge Road, between the building site where the Methodist church used to be and the southern side of the cricket ground. Go to the end of Wharf Road, through the National Trust gate on the right (if the gate is locked when you get there someone will be along soon to open it),  along a roadway over speed bumps to the car park on the left hand side. All meetings at 8:00 p.m. in the tea-room there.

19 October 2017  - AGM: our yearly roundup with the results of this year’s surveys and other activities. Come along to hear these, as well as to meet up with other members, elect officers and have a say in bat group activities for the coming year.

16 November 2017 – What have bats ever done for us? by Dr Clive Nuttman. The talk explores batplant associations and the concept of ecosystem services and the 'value' that bats provide for humans (aside from the obvious that they are wonderful animals!).

21 December 2017 The bats of Zambia, by Ross Baker. Exploring the spectacular and colourful bat fauna encountered on two recent trips with “Zambats”.

*****  18 January 2018 – Professor Kate Jones is unwell, so unable to talk to us about the new automated detectors tonight. However, we are very fortunate to have Julie Day coming along at very short notice to present her latest PhD research on light pollution, one of the thorniest problems facing bats and other nocturnal wildlife. *****

15 February 2018 – The evolution of bats, by Lisa Worledge, Bat Conservation Trust. Fossil evidence for bats goes back many millions of years and it is likely that the earliest bats were around when dinosaurs roamed the earth. But what ancestor did bats evolve from? What was the first bat? Which came first flight or echolocation? How are the bat species around today related to one another? This presentation will consider all of these questions and look at what the latest research tells us about the evolutionary history of these amazing animals.

22 March 2018 – Bats in the Purbecks, by Nick Tomlinson, Dorset Bat Group. Including exciting new research on autumn swarming around some of Dorset’s sea caves.


During the course of the winter we carry out a programme of hibernation site checks at various venues throughout the county. Surveys are done during December, January and February.
For conservation reasons places on these visits are extremely limited but please let Ross and Lynn know if you are interested in attending one.

The checks last all day with a pub lunch and comprise Westhumble chalk mine in the morning with Betchworth and Brockham limekilns in the afternoon, and finishing at Box Hill Fort. Godstone is a series of old mines that we usually do without a break.


Surrey Bat Group is often invited to take part in events with a wildlife or conservation theme, usually in the summer. If you can help by manning the Bat Group stand at one of them for part (or all!) of a day please
let Ross and Lynn know.


The group usually undertakes a number of bat surveys each year.
Let  Lynn and Ross know if you are interested in helping out.


The group has a number of well established bat box schemes in the county and we undertake checks of these periodically in spring and autumn.

Please contact Ross or Lynn if you would like to come along. Details will be sent to those on our e-mail list.


Surrey Bat Group leads a number of bat walks each summer, often for organisations such as the National Trust. They are usually held between June and September.
Members of the public will usually need to book in advance, and they may be charged for attendance, but bat group members with detectors are encouraged to come along and help out.

Details of 2018 bat walks will be posted here as soon as they are finalised.